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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


The funds available under the HPP/PHEP program are for the continued purpose of strengthening and enhancing the capabilities of state, local, and territorial public health and health care systems to respond effectively (mitigate the loss of life and reduce the threats to the communitys health an...

Award Description:

Up to $830,580,500 is available in total funding. Of that amount, $226,948,000 is available for HPP and $605,632,500 is available for PHEP. The department intends to award 62 proposals, ranging from $579,108 to $64,833,259 each. Project periods will extend up to 12-months. Cost sharing/matching ...


Recent Grants

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)


The purpose of the Small Health Care Provider Quality Improvement Grant Program is to provide support to rural primary care pro...

Award Description:

During the previous competition, $4,150,000 was available annually to fund approximately 21 grantees. Applicants could apply fo...

Office of Naval Research (ONR)


A central purpose of the DURIP is to provide equipment and instrumentation to enhance research-related education in areas of in...

Award Description:

The Office of Naval Research, The Department of the Army - Material Command and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, in...

Montana State Library


The Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) authorizes state program grants to state library administrative agencies. These ...

Award Description:

Award amounts vary by project area:

  • Montana Shared Catalog (MSC) Funding: LSTA expenditures include po...

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