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The Illinois Children's Healthcare Foundation (ILCHF)

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    Illinois Children's Healthcare Foundation (ILCHF)


    The Illinois Children's Healthcare Foundation (ILCHF) has a single vision: to ensure every child in Illinois has the opportunity to grow up healthy. Working through grantee partners across the state, the Foundation focuses its grant making on identifying and funding solutions to the barriers that prevent children from accessing the ongoing health care they need.

    The Foundation's Board of Directors is keenly aware that to make a positive impact in all areas of children's health care in the state of Illinois will take significant resources - time and money. Taking it one step at a time, the Foundation, through a process of research, listening, and planning, has focused its current grant making in two high needs areas in children's health: Improving oral health of Illinois' children and addressing the mental health needs of children in Illinois.

    Long term goals of the foundation are as follows: To enable every child in Illinois to grow up healthy, ILCHF, in collaboration with committed partners, will work to implement the following components of a comprehensive, holistic system of childrens health care:
    • Universal access to evidence-based primary, oral, and mental healthcare for children with an emphasis on fully integrated care.
    • Universal evidence-based screenings for oral and mental health for children.
    • The alleviation of childrens healthcare disparities.
    • Life-cycle health & wellness education for all children and caregivers.
    • Cross-disciplinary education of all healthcare providers.

    History of Funding

    Through today, the Foundation has invested over $22 million in these targeted efforts resulting in over 65 new or expanded clinics throughout the state of Illinois serving well over 200,000 additional children.

    Additional Information

    Oral Health
    ILCHF launched a Children's Oral Health Initiative aimed at improving the health of Illinois children by expanding access to oral health services. The mission of the Initiative is for all children to have access to quality oral health services in their communities and a new culture of awareness to exist throughout the state about the interconnection of oral health and overall health.  

    In 2007, ILCHF began strategically investing in targeted efforts in three key areas:
    • Strengthening and building the capacity of the oral health safety net system; One strategy to ensure all children have access to quality oral health services in their communities is to fund those programs designed to increase access to oral health care by establishing new services or expanding existing services in clinical settings as well as strengthening capacity of the oral health network in funding initiatives that address the barriers preventing children from receiving optimal levels of oral health care.  
    • Increasing the workforce/workforce development; To encourage an increase in the number of oral health professionals dedicated to serving children in underserved areas of the State, the Foundation has awarded in total approximately $3 million to the two Dental schools in the State of Illinois and has partnered with Loyola University to track the effectiveness of each program over the course of the next seven years. 
    • Increasing outreach/public education/awareness of children's oral health. ILCHF's final strategy, public education and awareness, is focused on establishing a new culture of not only proper oral health care but the interconnection of oral health to overall health care.  This strategy is interwoven in the work of strengthening and building the capacity of the oral health system and development of the workforce.
    Mental Health

    Illinois Childrens Healthcare Foundation believes the mental health of children is as important to their overall well-being as their physical health. During the initial Planning Phase, each Community Team was charged with performing a comprehensive assessment of their communitys childrens mental health system. ILCHF challenged each Team to use that information to develop a formal, five year plan to enhance their existing system with a goal of ensuring that all children have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. 

    The Foundation will invest in those CMHI plans that emphasize the importance of being developed by community-based collaborations, being creative and innovative, and building upon the existing community service systems and programs.  

    To truly impact health issues facing our state's children, the Foundation knows it must play a number of roles: demonstrate leadership; act as a catalyst for change; engage others; and, leverage outside funding/resources to achieve the most effective results possible in the coming years. The Board of Directors has approved various funding streams in addition to regular open RFPs. These funding streams are the vehicles by which the Foundation can support new ideas in the field, culltivate new partners, and meet emerging or emergency needs.


    Nedranae Hunt

    Nedranae Hunt
    1200 Jorie Boulevard, Suite 301
    Oak Brook, IL 60523
    (630) 571-2555
    (630) 571-2566

  • Eligibility Details

    Eligible applicants are Nonprofit organizations serving the state of Illinois.

    Deadline Details

    Proposals are accepted throughout the year. Initial approach should be with a request for an Inquiry form. ILCHF staff will follow up within 60 days of receipt of the completed Inquiry Form with a status report. 

    Award Details

    Award amounts vary based on scope and size of programs.


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